Design Your Own Bay Area Home Gym

Design your Home Gym or Office Gym with the Home Gym Design Room Layout Planner!

Build the home gym you've always dreamed of...quality exercise equipment set-up properly in your own private space. We have been helping people plan, purchase and install home workout rooms for over 30 years. Please call us if you want personal professional advice! Or if you'd like to start visually designing your home gym immediately, just follow the directions below to get started.

3 Easy Ways to Get Started Designing Your Home Gyms!

  1. Launch the Home Gym Design Room Layout Planner and select from a pre-built room or create one of your own, according to the dimensions of your workout room.
  2. Choose Life Fitness equipment or any other exercise equipment of your choosing...simply move those treadmills and ellipticals around to suit your preferences.

    You can also incorporate weight benches, fit balls, yoga mats, etc. as well as doors, windows, and furniture from the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Save your Home Gym Design Plans and/or print them!

Call us anytime for help planning your home gym design or with instructions on how to use the Home Gym Design Room Layout Planner!