Zero % Financing


0% Interest-Free Financing is always available for our customers at 360 Fitness Superstore through Synchrony Financing. You can apply online or just give us a call and we can apply for you over the phone…approval only takes minutes, it’s that simple! Or come into our any of our stores to apply.  Read more about our financing and leasing options.

Want to finance your equipment but don't want to trigger a hard credit check? Apply to Pre-Qualify today, and instead of sending a hard credit check, you are screened for prequalification - a soft inquiry that does not impact your credit bureau score.

 Pre-Qualify for Financing with 360 Fitness Superstore Today!

Are you ready to apply for financing immediately or simply want more information? Apply or get more information by visiting our Financing Program...we have simple instructions for you to follow.


We have several hassle-free ways to apply for financing - anyone can easily apply!

Outfit Your Home Gym or Start Your Own Fitness Studio

  • $1000 - $250,000 at ridiculously low rates!
  • Individuals - 0% Interest New/Start-Up Financing Equipment
  • Leasing/Financing Equipment for Existing or New/Start-Up Businesses
  • All situations considered!
  • NO application fees
  • NO fixed monthly payments
  • Get up to $250,000 per business location
  • Easy application process
  • Approvals as fast as 15 minutes! 
  • Leasing approval in as little as 24 hours
  • Can be done online, through our website, by fax, by email, and even over the phone!

Want to open your own fitness studio or personal training business?

Is it your dream to open an Exercise Studio, Fitness Center, Gym, or Personal Training Studio? Frustrated by the red-tape and complex financial maneuvering you are forced to deal with in trying to start your business?

We know what it's like to try to start your own company...we started the same way in 1981 (elaborate on a few of the difficulties) Thirty years later, we've expanded our inventory, opened new locations, and are thriving in every way

Imagine owning a fun and financially rewarding business helping people get and stay healthy, strong, and fit. You can when you open a fitness center. Opening a fitness studio or gym lets you own a creative and exciting business in a recession-resistant industry.

When you own your own studio, you can implement your vision, your energy and ideas. You can change things on the spur of the moment based on what you think is the right direction. Owning your own studio gives you creative power to change anything you want at the drop of a hat.

No matter how groundbreaking your idea for a new business, you won't get past the starting gate without funding. While there are many ways to find money, most are generally more appropriate for more established companies. Where do entrepreneurs find the money?

While a large part comes from personal savings and home-equity loans, they also tend to use plastic heavily. In fact, perhaps half of all startups are funded by the owners' credit cards, and where does that leave you? Heavily in debt and financially hamstrung at the start of your company.

Equipment leasing will preserve your working capital.

Are you starting a small fitness business, or have you been in business less than 2 years? As you may know, acquiring quality fitness equipment for a small business start-up can be difficult, and impossible without some kind of financing.

Not anymore.

Our fitness equipment leasing program for start-ups and new businesses is designed with you in mind! We don't require any time in business so you can be a day 1 start up and we can still get your fitness equipment leasing!


We have several hassle-free ways to apply for financing - anyone can easily apply!


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