Bay Area Personal Training Studio Equipment Solution

Bay Area Personal Training Studio Equipment Solutions

Want to open your own fitness studio or personal training business? Is it your dream to open an Exercise Studio, Fitness Center, Gym, or Personal Training Studio? Frustrated by the red-tape and complex financial maneuvering you are forced to deal with in trying to start your business? We know what it's like to try to start your own company...we started the same way in 1981. 32 years later, we've expanded our inventory, opened new locations, and are thriving in every way. Make the most of your space and equipment to start or enhance you business off on the right foot. Not everyone has the same fitness needs or goals so itโ€™s important to offer a variety of equipment that is functional for your own client's needs. With 360 Fitness Superstore you will get expert advice on equipment and design in order to maximize the functionality of every square foot in your fitness center space.


Our Clients

  • Concious Exercise
  • David Ferris, CPT, ACE & ISSA Certified