Service & Repair

Our fitness professionals atĀ 360 Fitness SuperstoreĀ are the best in the business and we know our equipment inside and out, and can advise you on everything you need to achieve your fitness goal. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best shopping experience possible by consistently providing great brands at great values.

Need help in the layout of a home or office gym?

We have outfitted corporations, colleges and universities, as well as home clientele and commercial facilities. Visit ourĀ Room Planner, orĀ Contact UsĀ directly.

Equipment that needs servicing or repairing?

We offer the best repair service in the San Francisco Bay Area - our experienced technicians and trained delivery teams have a 24-hour response time.

Old equipment you're not using to trade or sell?

We frequently take trade-ins or even buy your fitness equipment outright if it is in good condition. Visit ourĀ Ā Trade-InĀ page, orĀ Contact UsĀ to speak with a salesperson.

Excellent Service Guarantee

We offer the best customer serviceĀ period. If you have a problem or need service on your machine we will be there withinĀ 24-48 hours, 7 days a weekĀ . You choose a convenientĀ 1-hour windowĀ to allow us to get to your home; no need to wait half a day or take time off work. We also do service callsĀ eveningsĀ andĀ weekends;Ā whatever works for you! If we have to come to your home more than twice for a recurring problem, we will replace your machine for free!