Warrior Foam Shoulder Support Squat Bar Pad
Warrior Foam Shoulder Support Squat Bar Pad
Warrior Foam Shoulder Support Squat Bar Pad
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Warrior Foam Shoulder Support Squat Bar Pad

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Eliminate shoulder, back or hip discomfort during serious weight training sessions with the Warrior Weightlifting Barbell Pad.

Lightweight and secure, the 1.25" foam wraps tightly around standard barbells for the ideal cushion. It also has a moisture-resistant interior to maintain its durability and prevent bacteria build-up.

Extra thick comfort - Dense 1.25" foam creates the ideal barrier for your hips, back or shoulders during heavy weight exercises, providing comfortable cushioning from the heavy barbell while providing stability for you to power through workouts.

Hygienic Protection - Constructed of a moisture-resistant interior, sweat will not get absorbed and bacteria will not be transferred from the barbell to the weightlifting pad. It is the ideal accessory for public gyms where germ and bacteria build-up on equipment can be problematic.

Travel Size Convenience - Lightweight foam material makes this weightlifting accessory an easy addition to your regular workout regimen! Compactly designed, the weightlifting barbell pad fits into gym bags or backpacks easily and without bulk.

Do you cut your reps short during squats due to pain from rough Olympic bars stop leaving the gym with painful Red marks on your shoulders and back?  The Warrior weightlifting barbell pad allows you to workout harder and longer, reducing the distracting pain from a heavy barbell rubbing against your upper body.

This simple, lightweight barbell shoulder squat pad wraps easily around standard Olympic bars, barbells, and Smith machines to make heavy lifting more comfortable.

Featuring an additional flap with Velcro, it slips on and off quickly and closes securely around bars so it stays in place and won't pull apart like many basic bar pads.

The moisture-resistant interior also offers extra hygienic protection and durability.

Dense 1.25" foam supports your neck, traps and upper back so you can focus on building strength in your legs and glutes.

It also works well as protection for your hips so you can perform heavy barbell hip thrusts without having to wrap a thick towel or cumbersome exercise mat around the bar.

The 15" long size makes it convenient for carrying in your gym bag to use throughout your workout without having to wait for another gym goer to finish using the dirty, ragged bar pad everyone at the gym has to share.

 Ideal for those with home gyms or mobile personal trainers as well.

  • Perfect for hip thrusts, squats and lunges
  • Secure Velcro straps keep barbell pad in place
  • Cushioned 1.25" foam protection on sensitive shoulders, back or hips
  • Easily slips on and off standard barbells, Olympic bars and Smith machines