Warrior Barbell Shoulder Squat Pad
Warrior Barbell Shoulder Squat Pad
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Warrior Barbell Shoulder Squat Pad

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Whether your goals are strength, health, or fitness, let our Warrior Bar Shoulder Squat Pad help you achieve them, and do it in comfort. The unique cut-away design of the Warrior barbell shoulder protector helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the neck, spine, or groin and allows you to add more protection to the places that need them.


  • Reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders when performing heavy squat sets.
  • High-density rubber foam barbell padding which easily absorbs impacts.
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying in gym bags.
  • Easy to attach remove in seconds.
  • Securing straps included to fix the pad in its place and prevent any slippage.
  • Focus on squat movement and technique, not discomfort, numbness or shearing muscle trauma
  • Load distribution takes the bar off your shoulders and spine, and spreads the weight evenly across your trapezius and torso muscles
  • Bar no longer presses against your neck, and less shoulder stress when holding the bar
  • Reduces risks of injuries, protects against crush trauma, maximizes mass-building potential
  • Easy to use. Snap it into the bar to keep it centered on every set. Provides a stronger connection compared to a typical, foam-based barbell pad

Feature & Benefits:

  • Takes pressure off your neck and back - When using only the steel bar, the load concentrates on that small contact area against your neck. But the Manta Ray® increases the bar's narrow surface by 1600%. With pain off your neck,  pressure redistributes evenly across the Manta Ray.
  • Spine saver - With dramatically less force crushing against it, the spine no longer gives out before your legs.
  • Relaxes your shoulders - Raw bar no longer rests on your shoulders or pulls your arms back – the causes of squat-related shoulder injuries.
  • Virtually indestructible - Manufactured w/high-tech polyurethane polymer. Will lastyears of tough use. Longest reported use – 20 years.
  • Holds up to 800 pounds
  • Rigid and Comfortable - How so? It's comfortable because the weight is dispersed through the device, much like a sitting on a simple metal folding chair compared to sitting against a metal railing.
  • USA-made product sold to hundreds of thousands - Shipped to pro teams, commercial gyms, and schools all over the world.
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