Strongman Farmer's Walk Log

Strongman Farmer's Walk Log

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One the toughest strongman tools available. The Strongman Log, or Farmer's Walk Log, is a specialized tool for training. The neutral grip reduces stress on the shoulders without inhibiting strength or power.

Presses, cleans, jerks, squats and rows; the versatility is phenomenal. 9โ€ of loadable end space on the 33 kg log, and 13 1?2โ€ of loadable space on the 50 kg log.

Perfect for helping to develop a strong back and plenty of grip strength.

  • Work your legs, arms, shoulders, back, glutes and abdominals!
  • Logs are 5 in. thick with raised, 6" knurled handles.
  • 36 inches in length with 12 inch Olympic sleeves added onto the ends.
  • Weighs approximately 90lbs per pair.
  • Chrome plated collars included.
  • Available in:
  • 73 lb/33 kg
  • 97 lb/44 kg