Warrior Rocker Board

Warrior Rocker Board

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This indoor skateboard is an extremely challenging balance product.

It's Tricky... The Board Doesn't Roll, It Totally Rocks! Fitterfirst is proud to present the BoarDRock! The latest addition to our super FUNctional line of products. Fitter has added a new spin to Rock and Roll. Walking, rocking, spinning and jumping are just a few of the cool things you will love to do on your BoarDRocK. The BoarDRock is a versatile tool, its applications range from balance and fitness exercises to practicing your toughest board tricks.

You can perform all your favorite board tricks year-round, inside or outside on flexing spheres instead of rolling wheels.

Practice your ollies, nollies, kickflips, hardflips, shove-its, varials, spins, grabs, manuals and old school tricks before showing up your friends at the skate park. Learn to throw 360's, 720's or for the experts 1080 degree spins.

The BoarDRocK's 31" skate board deck is attached to spheres with flexing rubber mounts that give the rider a unique and challenging experience. This is a perfect trainer for snow boarders, skateboarders, wake boarders or anyone who wants to enhance balance and spinning skills.

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