Warrior Power Chute

Warrior Power Chute

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More colors! Resistance and overspeed training during the same run. Training: Increase speed, explosiveness, and acceleration. The Power Chute provides both resistance and overspeed training to improve the 2 key elements of speed: stride length and frequency. Chute opens during training runs for resistance and the Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for overspeed training.

Motivation: Athletes love that "shot of the canon" feeling immediately after releasing the Power Chute.

Diversity: Waist belt allows for training in any direction, even on curves. It is the ideal training device for most sports.

Superior Product: Built-in mesh panels keep leads from tangling and help to stabilize the chute during training runs. 

Power Chute includes: Adjustable belt with storage pockets (fits 20" to 42" waist). 1 lb each.