Elite Surge Crossfit Speed Rope

Elite Surge Crossfit Speed Rope

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An incredibly versatile high-end fitness speed rope by ELITESRS used by some of the top CrossFit athletes and competition speed jumpers in the world (competitive jumpers are doing an amazing seven jumps a second with the ELITE Surge).

THE ADVANTAGE of the ELITE Surge is the dual ball bearings in the handles, which distribute the axial load applied at the handles much more efficiently. With just one bearing, there is the addition of detrimental axial torque on the bearing, which causes it to wear out faster and adds friction so the rope spins less freely. The two bearings surround the cable. One on top and the other below. This gives an incredible balanced feeling as you turn. Overall, the design makes the handle feel very rigid and 'solid' in your hand as opposed to the feeling of stress and torque you may feel in another design.

THE HANDLES: The machine-cut, high-grade anodized aluminum handles are also super durable (2 year warranty) and ultra light weight (4oz). A great deal of engineering and design (patent pending) went into the handles in an effort to design a jump rope that provides the absolute optimum turning momentum. The thinness of the handles also allows for fine motor precision and control while turning the rope, and the dual ball bearing system gives it an extremely balanced feel and efficient and smooth spin.

THE CABLE: Another great feature of this rope is the kink-resistant, nylon-coated USA-made cable, which is more durable and dependable than the cable made overseas (coated with poor quality material that wears out quickly). We still recommend using this rope indoors, as the cable will wear out on abrasive surfaces. If jumping outdoors, use a jump rope mat.

RE-SIZING: Easily change the length or swap our worn cables with a Philips head screwdriver using the adjustable screw/collar (holds more securely than thumb tightened screws). With our system, you can make the size of the cable perfect for your height.

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