Purmotion Renegade Varsity - Landmine Rotational Trainer

Purmotion Renegade Varsity - Landmine Rotational Trainer

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PurMotion didn’t invent the landmine. PurMotion invented the best landmine: the Renegade. We were the first to design a landmine that could be inserted into a bumper plate. The Renegade is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that combines gravitational and frictional forces to produce diagonal strength.

Diagonal strength is a requirement for most ground-based movements commonly seen in sports, tactical maneuvers and even in every day physical activities like WALKING! Throwing, punching, dragging and sprinting also requires the combination of vertical and horizontal forces that results in diagonal force lines. The goal is to balance strength gains and leave no gaps. Gaps can lead to injuries.

Easy and portable setup. Just put down a large bumper plate and drop the Renegade Varsity into the center.

A great addition to your home gym or take it to the gym. Just put down a large bumper plate (or two 45lbs steel plates) and drop the Renegade Varsity into the center. Insert one end of an Olympic barbell into the Renegade Varsity and you are good to go.

For the best Renegade workout experience, we highly recommend you check out the most joint-friendly Renegade attachments to facilitate natural strength gains.

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