Warrior Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up

Warrior Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up

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Chin-ups are arguably the best upper body resistance exercise around. There is no other exercise that can replace its functional value; and no, the lat pull down is a not a suitable replacement. Not only do chins build the back and biceps, the abdominals, chest and grip get a workout as well.

A chin-up bar in a gym is also a highly useful fixture, given that it can also be used as an anchor for rings, bands or a TRX.

The wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar itself is bolted flush to the support brackets so there is no play or movement, just a solid fixture that will take any weight up to 400kg!


    • Monkey Style Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar
    • Great for Cross Training
    • 46" Wide
    • 20" Verticle wall attach bracket
    • Diamond knurling
    • 6 bolts supplied with each cell. Installation of bolts require a masonry drill-bit and socket.
    • Residential USE ONLY
    • Assembled Size: L45 W24 H20