Warrior Cable Pulley Handles

Warrior Cable Pulley Handles

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Elevate your cable machine workouts with the Warrior Cable Pulley Handle Attachments featuring a short strap. Designed for both residential and commercial gyms, these top-quality accessories offer unparalleled versatility. Crafted for durability, the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the ergonomic grip provides comfort and safety. Whether you're focusing on arms, back, or shoulders, this short strap attachment seamlessly integrates with your cable system, enabling a full range of motion and precise muscle targeting. Step up your fitness routine with this dependable, multi-functional tool and experience visible and tangible results.
  • This grip works on cable crossover and adjustable pulley strength machines by Warrior. 
  • Fits models of cable motion (CM), multi jungle (MJ) and some Optima series (OSDAP).
  • Short strap on grip measures 8″ from d-ring to grip center.
  • Weight limit is 745 pounds.
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