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The Warrior Abcore Abdominal Machine answers the call of home exercisers around the world: a way to perfectly isolate, tone and sculpt your abs in a focused way that chiropractors and gym owners stand behind.

The Warrior Abcore uses a patented biomechanical motion to build core strength by targeting the lower and upper abs in perfect synchronicity, without ever straining the low back.

In fact, building abdominal muscles is a great way to protect the low back from stress and strain, so the Abcore is not just a workout machine - it's practically your ticket to back health!

The Warrior Abcore is versatile: it allows you to isolate left or right oblique muscles with a quick and easy seat adjustment that can be maneuvered from sitting, mid-routine.

Can accommodate users up to 240 pounds. Space saving and smart looking, too!

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