LifeSpan Stretch Machine

LifeSpan Stretch Machine

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The LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner will help you improve sports performance, prevent injury, reduce back pain and improve posture with a full regimen of stretching.

The Stretch Partner is used for golf stretching by PGA and LPGA coaches to improve swing motion range so golfers can hit the ball farther, and by tennis and baseball players to strengthen the lower back and reduce back pain, and improve flexibility in the glutes and hamstrings.

The SP1000, with its solid steel frame, uses gravity to stretch all major muscle groups.

    Key Features

    • Balanced Flexibility and Increased Range of Motion - This system was designed to provide the user with a deeper and fuller stretch, allowing the user to get an additional 8" to 15" of stretching movement.
    • The Stretch Partner also supports balanced flexibility. Being flexible in particular areas or joints does not mean that all areas are flexible. Often people are more flexible in one joint than the other.
    • The Stretch Partner provides consistent positioning allowing the user to focus on specific joints, or areas of the body to obtain balanced flexibility and range of motion.
    • Instructional Flip Chart and Video
    • Flexible for Life stretching DVD includes a step-by-step stretching program that covers all major muscle groups and a guide book that illustrates 18 stretches for all major muscle groups. Among those stretches are those for the lower back, hamstrings and hips - key muscle areas that golfers need to stretch before and after a round of golf to maximize their swing of motion.
    • The guidebook also features stretches for the shoulders, upper back, neck, abdominals, forearm, triceps, chest, hamstring, glutes, groin, quadriceps, thighs, legs, calf and Achilles. Users can also quickly formulate their own stretches as well. Flex-Smart Pivot System
    • The patented Flex-Smart™ pivoting system provides a greater range of movement to accommodate various body types and levels of flexibility. It helps place the user in the proper body position for stretching, then uses gravity to stretch all major muscle groups.

    all major muscle groups.