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I've purchased some "less expensive" bumper plates in the past and they lasted about six months before they began to fall apart. What assurance do I have that the better ones won't?

Answer: This is a question we hear a lot. The simple answer is our warranty. Most of our bumper plates have a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. This is perhaps the best in the industry. But perhaps the better proof is looking a the customers we have served and the reputation or plates have earned. Some of our plates are still in daily use after 12-15 years of service.

Customers are amazed that with proper cleaning, the plates look brand new. We want your facility not only to look good on day one, but for years to come.


I've heard some information on durometer measurements and their impact on selecting bumper plates. Could you explain?

Answer: Durometer measurements are used in the manufacturing process of the rubber portion of the bumper plate. Rubber durometer measurements are done on a 0-100 scale. For practical purposes these range from 30-90. The lower the number the softer and the higher the number the harder. for a bumper plate, the best range is about 78-80. If a bumper plate is too low on it's durometer is becomes like a bouncing rubber ball. If it above 80 it become rock hard and can potentially damage platforms as well as being very loud when it is dropped.

Just remember that the durometer measurement is like Goldie Locks and the porridge - not too hot, not too cold, just right.


I'm thinking about getting custom lettering done with my bumper plates, is there anything I should be aware of?

Answer: We were one of the first companies that began to offer custom lettering on bumper plates. To be honest, we made a lot of mistakes in trying to come up with a system that is unique to the needs of lettering on rubber surfaces.

Bumper plates have a couple of unique challenges that you don't encounter with lettering systems on urethane style plates. The first is the material itself. The rubber used in bumper plates is somewhat of a "live" material. There are gases that are constantly emitted out of the rubber making it a challenge for any material to effectively bond to the surface. Secondly is the movement and use of the bumper plates does not make it conducive for post application lettering systems? As a bumper plate is dropped, the rubber moves in all three X/Y/Z directional planes. The lettering material must be able to absorb these forces or it will crack. This is one of the big differences in doing lettering on urethane plates vs. bumper plates. Since urethane plates are not designed to be dropped, you do not encounter the challenges of movement distortion of surface materials.

This is why silk screening or traditional paint color infills do not last. With our lasering method we use a special dye solution that allows movement with the rubber as it displaces. We are the only company using this process with our lasering system.

In addition, we have recently developed a new system call "rubber infusion lettering" (RIL). This unique, patent pending system, allows us to infuse color rubber lettering or logo into the rubber mold at the time the bumper plate is made. This is the best permanent fix or solution to lettering on bumper plates. Since the rubber is part of the plate, it cannot rub off, peal, or fade. This system will revolutionize how lettering is done on bumper plates.
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